tête-à-tête of a humble servant with his own delirium

Silhouettes of men and women under a lamppost after dark.

Lost In a Dot

There are certain things which seem impossible to us..We never can imagine the upshots of such facts..Yet, this is the sincerity of my profoundness.. So did my existence recommence in this wretched universe..Engrossed in a dot..With joy of life.. ———————-Mehmet …

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Facade of Bullring Shopping Mall, Birmingham, UK

A Million Dots

The world stopped spinning around; instead, my head started.. My lungs are punctured, can’t hold my breath.. My cords ceased vibrating, the only sound they carry now is my sorrow.. Lost my reflexes, my eyes dried.. And my heart is …

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A metal ring photograph.


What segregates our conscience from our dreams is just a sheer line of light.. a light easily transgressable. There are splendid moments on our paths, moments we get confused.. moments we can’t judge on which side we are halting. Those …

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An old farmer riding his donkey.


At one time, it seems that we all forget the things we thought we’d left behind. But then, sooner or later, comes the inevitable instant where everything flashes right in front of us, as if calling us to settle things.. …

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After sunset, moon on the upper left, a little hill on the  bottom right. Photograph.

Lost In Space, Lost In Time

Everything started in 1969. With the journey to the moon. From then on, everything has changed. Moon’s been the stimulus for mankind. Love, tragedies, songs, plays, movies, tales, legends, causes, innumerable others to mention if you mean to. In one, …

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