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Our time we spent during the trip was always in a hurry, going from one place to another, packing things, putting them into the car, etc. Apart from the places we could manage to see, we weren’t able to really enjoy the culture, talk to locals, feel the vibe.

So, I was thinking of checking Couch Surfing, a platform I had used to surf for several times, but used to host people from all around the world. Decided to give it a try, and there was one profile which stood out, the profile of Irina’s.

You could easily see that she was a person whom you could count on and who is truly good in her heart. So, we wrote her to see if she would be able to host us. Since she already had guests at her place, she wasn’t able to host us but offered to meet us instead.

That was enough for us because what we were interested in was meeting her. Since on the day we arrived it was late, we set the meet for the next day. The moment we met her, we saw that we were right in our assumptions, she truly was a nice person with a beautiful heart. She walked us in the city center, then we drove to the Corvin Castle, which by the way is magnificent.


After that, she invited us to her sister’s in-laws home where her mother was visiting. We took on the offer happily 🙂 Both Irina’s parents and her sister’s in-laws were really nice. We talked about lots of things in the few hours we spent with them. Our visit ended with a session of photo taking 🙂

Thanks Irina for sharing your life with us.

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