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Every other movie presented to us has an end, if not in our minds, in their script. In a movie, the screenwriter holds all the cards; after all, it’s their story. They won’t let us dictate when the end comes, they don’t give us a chance to contribute to their story. They show us our hands are tied, that we don’t have a say. That makes it harder for us to accept the end because in our minds we already had a more appropriate end.

The only aspect we dictate in a movie is when it starts. Therefore, the writer won’t say “The Beginning” in the first scenes. They know it’s us who determines the start of the prelude. This time their hands are tied.

But then when it comes to the stories of our lives, the moments of our excitements, the unavoidable downfalls, we sometimes feel the desperate need to breathe some more air, as the end was so harsh, so unbearable. We can’t even recall when the first spark of the prelude became a reality. How it unfolded to bear such a story.

We then realize that it was either us who scribbled that ending, or we were just a player of someone else’s story.

So, a story needs both a beginning and an end, without the first it hasn’t even begun, and without the latter, there’s more to be told.

In the end, it all comes down to who sets the fire and who blows it away.

Mehmet Koçali
August 7th, 2017

P.S. In response to İlyas Odman‘s Facebook post: “every new beginning needs a harsh end…i am so curious why there is written “the end” at the end movies but not ” the start” at their beginnings… what a story needs to be a story, an end or a beginning…?”

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